Bullehdie Tapas


Bull-eh-Dia's Tapas name comes from the word Bulerias, a flamenco dance step, but they spell it out so that nobody has to worry about pronouncing it wrong! Their tapas menu is divided into hot dishes and cold dishes (or calientes and frias respectively), and it's a great mix of meats, seafood, and vegetable dishes so everybody in your group will be able to find something that they enjoy. The sounds here are purely Spanish guitar, which we love, but sports fans will be happy to know that they can still catch the game on one of the many televisions throughout the establishment. Wonderful sidewalk patio to enjoy in the spring and summer too! We love Bull-eh-Dia's!

Bullehdia Tapas Bar
3651 North Southport Avenue
Chicago, IL 60613-3709
(773) 404-2855